J.W. Logistics delivers cutting-edge technology that empowers customers to become more efficient while achieving superior performance through real-time business intelligence and visibility. Our core technology is a robust system built to handle everything from on-demand transactions to the most complex distribution applications. The cloud-based application provides real-time shipment visibility and customized tracking using a desktop computer or smartphone, providing clients full access to their expedited logistics data anytime, anywhere.

J.W. Logistics is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience and technology is an integral part of that strategy. Information about the shipment can be as important as the shipment itself. J.W. Logistics delivers technological solutions tailored to fit customer’s specific needs providing reliable information in a professional capacity.

Technology Features

  • Reliable cloud-based solution with 24-hour network monitoring
  • Map-based dispatch with real-time visibility and updates
  • Automatic rating, pricing, and invoicing
  • Scheduled job processing
  • Data collection and exchange
  • Signature capture, barcode scanning and RFID applications
  • EDI Integration
  • Mobile Scanning
  • Customized tracking using desktop or smartphone

Softlog Technology

The mission of the technology program is to identify, develop, test, and deploy innovative roadside and onboard technology solutions and practices. With this application, drivers are able to track fuel, mileage, expenses, complete driver logs, and produce Proof of Delivery documents.

  • Maintain real-time management through GPS tracking
  • Retrieve electronic records at any time (no more lost paperwork)
  • Calculate fuel and mileage data
  • Quickly access schedules, expense tracking, and hours of service
  • Retrieve and utilize delivery reports
  • Customized tracking using desktop or smartphone