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Our Customized Technology

JWL delivers cutting-edge technology that empowers customers to become more efficient while achieving superior performance through real-time business intelligence and visibility. Our core technology is a robust system built to handle everything from on-demand transactions to the most complex distribution applications. The cloud-based application provides real-time shipment visibility and customized tracking using a desktop computer or smartphone, providing customers full access to their expedited logistics data anytime, anywhere.

Rapid Integration

JWL uses multitude of technologies to integrate with our customers systems, reducing the amount of time it takes to achieve full operational functionality.

  • API – allows for the ability to plug directly into your business and operational systems
  • EDI – securely shares data bi-directionally, sending and receiving shipment and billing information between JWL and the customers systems. Various technologies and systems are supported, such as SFTP, AS2, IBM VAN, and others
  • RPA – allows for the elimination of errors and delays due manual processes when applied appropriately


Our team continues to invest in the automation and digitalization of systems, allowing for full transparency and efficiency in day-to-day operations.

  • Data-driven automation and analytics to simplify order management, consolidation, and shipment planning
  • Integrated warehouse technology to increase visibility and provide a better customer experience
  • Delivery notifications and exception management and communication through automated workflows


We use various optimization technologies to increase productivity and digitize operational processes.

  • Efficient processing of orders
  • Automated rating, pricing, and invoicing
  • Mobile scanning, barcode, and RFID scanning capabilities

End to End Visibility

State of the art data driven backend systems to provide end-to-end tracking of your orders.

  • Real-time geolocation-based tracking
  • Track and trace on the map
  • Advance notification prior to delivery
  • Inventory Management
  • Improved customer service and satisfaction
  • Fewer disruptions
  • Better prevention of order errors